Thursday, September 23, 2010

A dark day in the life of this blog.

This is a very sad story, it started with a simple question, "does anybody make 15mm Alamo and Alamo soldiers"

I thought it was inocent enough. I had a plan and everything seem ok, but then tragedy struck, some evil evil person, that I'm sure eats babies and poke fun of short people said you can get Alamo soldiers AND the models in 10mm.

Well that's evil evil stuff, becasue we all know that 10mm is the devils scale, I get 6mm, you get big battles for less money, you can either do a normal battle on a small table, or a big battle on a normal table, and mega battle on a big table, I get that, I also get 15mm because atleast AB in Napoleonics are fantastic, they don't take much room but look great, then you got 28+ you can realy get the details, the faces are much more expressive even then AB 15mm, but takes alot of room, if you got the room and money, you can do 28mm in a good sized battle.

Thats leaves the evil 10mm, call me a racist or biggot, but they are evil, no redeeming aspect of them, they are evil, they are all probebly neo nazis or worse. They are almost as bad as 12mm.

But damn it to hell I just orderd sevral packs of them, aswell as the alamo model, I'm going to hell(well I was allready doing there long before this) but this means I'm going to that special hell that only Hitler, Stalin Mao and 10mm wargamers go.

So this is the plan

Don't kill my self over the guilt of beeing one of those 10mm wargamers
Paint the alamo, which I don't want to becasue I suck at painting buildings
Paint the figures, I have to look for some online sources for the mexicans,

My plan is to do it at 1:1, that means 1400 mexicans 250ish Texans
The mexicans will mostly be based in formations while some will be bases 1 and 1 or 2-3 figures on skirmish bases. the texans will also be based 1 and 1 or up to 3 to a base,
I don't know how much fotprint a 10mm figure has, I' guessing I can get atleast 12 to the same base as I get 8 15mm, mabye 14, I don't think I can get 16 as that would mean the fotprint would be half of 15mm, and that sounds to small, almost 6mm in size.
I found a small OOB for the mexican assualt party. one battalion is 470 soldiers, that a lot at 1:1 even at 14 to a base that would mean 100cm frontage, I don't know if mexicans did 2 or 3 deep lines. if they did 3 deep that would mean 67cm, that's still alot, but managnable.
The other battalions are under 300 and more managable.

This is ofcouse totaly guesswork Idon't know anything about 10mm, I don't know how much room I actualy got to work with, I don't know how big the alamo model is either.


Brigadier Dundas said...

Welcome to the dark-side of wargaming; 10 mm!!!

James said...

Aren't you bucking your own poll by taking on this 10mm Mexican War project ?

Is this another ACW hit and run ? :)

Gunfreak said...

I havn't given up on ACW, I just ran out of figures, but basicly I only get to paint 2-3 small regiments at a time, then go back to napoleoincs ect, so for every 3-5 battalions of napoleoincs I do 2-3 regiments of acw,

Then I got the other projects I will do at random times.

I'm sure I'll paint a few TWI figure, then get bored and get back to Napoleonics/ACW