Saturday, September 11, 2010

Not ABs best?

Now this is AB, and even at it's worst it realy not that bad, and granted I'm not a master painter, and a good painter could do alot better with the same figs, but after painting up the first 8, I'm kinda disapointed, and I'll explane why.

1. the cross belts are often narrow, don't like like napoleoinc cross belts at all, looks more like modern webbing of some sort, now I'm making fusilisers so I needed all my troops with wings so I orders just a bunch of light coy. figs, as the light infantry figs have the bugle, but these have the plate. So for normal units you would only get a few of these, but I have to paint a whole unit with them, again not bad figures, they just don't seem up to AB standards.
2. the cross belts some times disapear, when painting them, the crossbelt the goes to the right shoulder disaperas competly and I don't have anything for my brush to paint on, the resault is very bad, and I have to hide these figures in the back.

Thats the figures, the rest of the bad paint job is all me. espesaly the white stripes on the stomac, just can't paint them right.

By the way, these are my very first 15mm British since May 2008

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