Saturday, September 11, 2010

Praise for Eurekamin and table shots

This is gonna be a total ass kissing post, so be warrned my might feel slightly sick and feel a warm jucky feeling deep in you stomac.

Every since I started this wagaming thing I have almost only found great people and stores when I go online, this seems to be the last place were stores are service oriented.
My first figs were orderd from Old glory 15s, and had no problems, I then started to order from scale creep and Mark is a great guy, helped put togeather forces for me, did a lot of work, realy above and beyond, I don't use fantassin anymore, but when ever I need some random wargameing thing, like rules or dice or what not I try to order from Mark first, because I'm a loyal customer and like to give my buissnes to people I like.
Perry's have also always been good guys, they don't let you know when your order is shipped, but the stuff you orderd usualy show up after 2 weeks.
Neil from Reinforcement by post is another good guy.

But lets get on to Eurekamin in Australia, I orderd a few hundred figs from them last week, and got a 20% off because the order was rather big, which is nice, but not only that, today I got my order, after only 8 days on since my order was sent. A nice big box, 4 battalions of russians, 2 battalions of french, one BIG battalion of austrians and a battalion of British(that will be my first to paint up now.) Eurka and all the other menitoned stores, and many more not mentioned makes buying miniatures and wargaming related stuff a pure joy. Almost never problems, just hundreds of hundres of miniatures.

But I don't want to make another pictureless post(I hate those) so:

My table as it is today, this is a russian farm, with quite a big field, I know the commen complaint is that wargaming tables look like chess boards with tiny cerial fields or woods, that is bearly 100 yards across. so I made a big by wargaming standard field, it would be in real terms about 900x900 yards, quite big, but you do need big farms after all, I doubt armies could feed them self if all the farms only had 100x100 yard wheat fields, now on the big open space, I'm gonna make some open woods, that only infantry and cossacks can enter, while the middle will be open for massed assault of infantry and cavalry if that's what the playes want(players beeing me and my second personality) Not realy sure how I'm gonna do the woods, I find woods either looks crap, or looks great but is very hard to place figures in.

As you see the fields are quite big, I got a full 300+ figures on it with plenty of room left over, which means you can have atleast to full brigades fighting over them.
Also since I can get 300 figues on less then 1/3 of my table I now belive I can easly field a big 900+ battle.

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