Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Well Well, look what the cat dragged in!

But how the hell did it manage to get the package here, it's about as heavy as a cat, it's square, no place for the claws or teeth to grab it, also how is it supose to get the package up 3 flights of stares, and when I come to think of it I don't even have a cat, how the hell did this happen then.

Anyway we all know the story my french and british figs got lost, still word about them, mabye the customs people in Bangladesh are playing with them, ofcourse Neil can't realy do much, if he pisses them of, they can make his life a living hell, as all his packages he send has to go through them.

But the second order did go through, but not with out problems, not on his side this time but on mine Not big problems, one things is that ALL orders for outside of Norway that has a value of over 200kr has to be delcared and payed 25% tax on, now this is fucking stupid, that limit of 200kr has been sent in stone since the 70s, 200kr was alot more in 1970 then it is today, 200kr is the same a ready pizza from a pizzeria, or 2 packs of smokes(I don't smoke) so it
s not alot, the only thing you can buy outside the country for less then 200 is one dvd or if lucky a blu ray, normaly stuff gets decleard automaticaly, the customs guys look at the value of the package and send it along and you have to pay 25% tax pluss a fee, the fee is acutaly 100kr if the value is under 1000kr, if over, you have to pay 200, so the fee is actualy often more then the tax. Anyway this usualy happes automaticaly, but some times, like this time it gets stuck, this happens then the customs people think the value decleard is less then the actualy value, so then you get a letter, which you have to send back with a signature saying the customs people can open the package to look at it, this is often bad, be cause they don't always back it back up right and stuff gets damaged.

But what ever happnes it does means that the package will take a week longer to get to the post office, and as I don't get a pre payed envolope I have to buy a stupid stamp, and it cost 8.5kr, or about a buck 30 in dollars, thats alot of money for something that shouldn't cost a 10th of that.
It's not like it's a package or even a thick letter, just a piece of papper.

But I finnaly got the package today, it's strange never gotten painted figures before, the feel of the figres dosn't seem like metal, very weired. all the figures survived, some of the muskets got a little bent but they seemed more like rubber then metal and were easy ot fix.

There figures were based diffrently than I had thought, but looks good, the basing and paint job is quite diffrent from my own style, I don't use inks, not because I have a problem with it, but I can't get it to work, so I stay away from it, but that means my style is very diffrent, but I still like the RBP style, diffrent but good, the important thing is that the styles don't clash, I feel my own figures are close to the qualtiy of the RBP quality, so the figuers work togeather, I must say, that Austrian brigade looks good, a 160 strong brigade is very nice in 28mm, This has ofcourse inspierd me to do 28mm again, luckly I don't have to buy more figs, I got 3 battalions worth of Bravarians and Poles to paint, 4 battalions of russians, a battalion of grenz, and a battalion of hungerians, and a battalion of landwehr, so this is my plan, my austrian brigade is finished exept for a general, I'll finish up my russian jegers, then I have two brigaes, With the landwehr I'll get a brigade of prussians, That togeather with some cavaly and artillery will be more make-shift allied division, I know the allied didn't have mixed divisions, but this will kinda be a mini version of an allied corps or army in leipzig, and I know that even if there were no allied mixed divisions, the forces did get mixed up in the fighting, with the allies fighting side by side.

But that leaves the Frenchies, I hate painting them becasue you need so manye of them, and you go french blind after a while, so I'll make 1 french brigade, 1 bravarian(tho I think they might have switched sides at this point) and one polish(vistula legion) this is simply so I don't have to paint 12 French battalions.

But enough talk, to the pictures.

208 figres, two small prussian battalion and 4 big austrians.

Lots austians, they have lots of ink work and look quite good, a $2 a pop you won't fine better bang for the bucks,

Look at all those bayonet points,

The prussians battalions look puny compeard to the austrians, but I'm sure they'll fight bravely.

To bad my french and british got highjacked, those prussians need someone to shoot at.

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