Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm in LOVE!!

Warring, this is gonna be filled you juky sticky love, those in the back will get wet, also some swearing.

Anyway My favorite army is the Prussian, tho I'm more familier with the British, and french, I just love the late period prussians, from the ashes the pheonix rises, yes I know there would be no late prussian liberation army with out the russian army, or british gold, but they are damn cool.

So I orderd a unit worth of Calpe landwher, Calpe beeing knows as the ones to get for prussians, but damn I did not expect this level of quality, they are FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC, as soon as I started to paint them, they became my all time favorite 28mm, how they are made so good I do not know, there is no flash, no pointed sharp edges, they are rounded and extemely detailed, after painting some Frontrank this is a big, huge improvment, now there is nothing wrong with frontrank their cavalry is actualy very good, but the poses are static, you only get one pose pr. type, so all marching figs are the same, they do have an extencive range which is one of the reasons I use them, but these calpe are better then all I've seen even perry, I was thinknig of getting some perry plastic prussians, but now I won't, all my prussians I paint my self will be calpe, and if calpe made other ranges I would never buy any other figres either, all my figs would have been calpe, now some people will coment the lack of eyes, instead of eyes the figres to pits in the face, some won't like that, but it suits my painting style perfectly, the figures got LOTS of details, they are a joy to paint, even tho I don't realy do them justice.

In style I say a mix of foundry and perry/victrix, they are a bit more "3d" then perry, but the anatomy is quite like perry, the legs are particuarly good, perfect thickness.

They got so much to paint a fold here, a crumple there.

I normaly don't show the back of my figres, mostly because I suck at painting the back of figures, but secondly becasue the back of figres often are boring, but here you have lots of stuff, axes, great canavas bags to paint and highlight and shade.

Also I'm gonna write my own special landwehr rule, were landwehr always win mele, be casuse they got axes, and axes always win over swords.


Giles said...

Excellent work, GF. Indeed, they are beautiful figures.

Best wishes


Gunfreak said...

Thanks, I do realy like them alot.

paulalba said...

Great painting GF, these look like your best work.

The Calpe Prussians are really nice figures.