Thursday, October 21, 2010

My brain is melting

Ok, my brain is having some problems, this happens from time to time most often if somenoe shows me an equation.

But as I'm painting up my 10mm AWI, I have now painted 4 units in 3 days, while in 40mm it takes 3-5 days to finish a single unit.
Amd this is were my brain is freezsing up, since I'm useing the same rules for both scales, only using 15mm ranges instead of 28mm, the game time takes exactly the same time be it 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 28mm or 40mm.

Those that follow this blog knows I played a short test game, and it took 3 hours, it only had 7 units, well I can get to 7 units in 10mm over the weekend or by end of next week I might have 12-16 units, and that means a game that last 3-6 hours, and it only took a few days or weeks to get there, the game time is the same even with small figures, but they are so small how can that be, I get a game with a few 100 40mm might take hours but a game with a few 100 10mm?
Hell no, this has to breat some sort of physics law, small things like photons and neutrinoes move at the speed of light while elephants don't small means fast, big means slow?

This is some sort of evil paradox, when I do 6mm, I do it BIG so natuarly a battle with 3000 6mm, takes as long as a battle with 250 40mm, or 350 28mm, or 600 15mm ect.
But a game with 350 6mm can't take as long as a game with 350 40mm, it just can't, No loving Ganesh would allow it.

This is the sort of evil master plan Blofeld would make up, right before he blows up the world and lets face it, in a world were 350 10mm figures takes as long to play as 350 40mm, would we realy want to be alive? I know I woudn't

So there for I'm leaving for Mars, were 10mm games take 1/4 as long as 40mm games.


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