Saturday, October 23, 2010

10mm Pictures AWI

Well I've now finished 6 units, and that means a mini photo shoot.

4th Regiment of foot.

42nd highlanders finished based

The 4th/5th Pennsylvania I painted these in all civilian clothes. just to spice things up.

Pennsylvania Line behind fences ready to meet the redcoated manice

4th/5th Pennsylvania behind the fence.

The Red Line

The Pennsylvania line open up

The rifles take close Aim


gregoryk said...

Nice minis, I too have AWI 10mm and look forward to basing them up for play. It is a great scale.

James said...

Yes, nice figures and well painted. Suprising detail for 10mm. They almost seem the perfect fit for the terrain layout, tabel top dimensions, etc...

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, yes, the figures are VERY VERY nice, realy you would ba hard pressed to find as good 15mm AWI figures.