Friday, October 8, 2010

Some Mediocre Hessians

Well I've lived and breath Napoleoincs for 10 months, with only tiny tiny random devuldgnets,
I painted a single AWI unit in 6mm, and a single 30YW unit in 28mm, every thing els is Napoleoinc, But I got quite a few 40mm AWI laying around, So why not paint some of them.
I started with the Hessains this is gonna be Regiment von Trümbach AKA Von Bose.

It's funny if you look at the small pictures they look quite good, but when you open them and get the high details, they look less good, much less good, I tried a mix of styles, one style I used with white on white was black outline, looks good in person, not so good in pictures, the second style is classic highlight and shade, I think the coats turned out quite well, and the faces are easly my best, but the black outline is very "extreme" and dosn't look good.

The breachers are very tight leaving not much to shade, so I used a VERY VERY light gray, called Tank light gray, dosn't turn up that well in pictures.

Also since they are german, I had to make a few with blond mustaches and blond hair and blue eyes.

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