Thursday, October 7, 2010

Workbench 28mm

Well I'm painting sevral units at the same time to stave of bordom,

First up is the calpe landwehr, I love these guys, I need 1 more base.

Then we got the Russian Jeger, Foundry figures. need another base for these guys to.

The Poles, I'm not 100% sure about Frontrank 28mm, the figures them self are good, but they are so static, and you only get one pose per type.

And finnaly the french, I had a REALY hard time getting these ok.
The evil musket covers the stomack and chest making painting vest and starps realy hard, I tried to go for the "dirty style" you know the style hard to explane the figures are kinda painted dirty, I can't put words to it, but if you see a figure painted like that you'll know the look. The problem is of course that I can't really do the style propper. Also after painting the simple Landwehr it might not have been smart to go straight for the complex French uniforms.

Anyway I'm redoing my table now, so stay tuned for my much beloved series: Tableshots

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paulalba said...

looking good GF, Your collection of painted figures just grows and grows.