Monday, November 15, 2010

A public apology

When I ran for congress, I made some promises, to lower taxes, get 5 times a day muslim prayer into the public schools and never ever ever have non historic figures on this blog. I have now failed all three.
Like all people that do imoral things I made exuses and found reasons to sin.
1. The figures were designed by the Perry's
2. no ludicrsly over sized weapons, ok the trolls have big weapons but they are proprtional to the troll which are quite big.
3. Lotr is high class fantasy, not like it's d&d(ehh, right)
4. I like lotr movies and part of the books are very good.
5. it's not warhammer even if it's made by the same evil people.
7. slighly less overpriced then warhammer.
I had others to but in the end, I'm evil imoral and quite possobly liable to be indited on warcrimes for this.
Nothing can excuse this, I'm a puppet in the evil corporation known as games workshop.
Now I have commited Seppuku as the only honereble way out, but to my suprise it takes quite some time to die from disbowlment so I have time to write this blog before I go hang my self in my own Intestines.
Now on to the pictures
It's dark outside so no natural light.

Doing these uruk hai were quite diffrent then what I normaly do, for one, no flesh color on the flesh, from the movies, the uruks were green black, and this turned out to be impossible to paint, it just looked either like warhammer orcs with the puke green flesh or just black. I tried to do them with dark gray highlights and it just didn't look good. so I did what the painting guide showed, a kind of dark beige brown. the leather is then darker brown still, with some kaki style cloth. Having almost no experience with armor it was quite a challange, again the armor is almost totaly black in the movies, so most of the armor has gun metal, it's a blackish metal, then highlights with chainmail and finnaly armor ink to blend the to metals togeather, agian quite diffrent from my normal work as I don't use inks normaly.
I'll post some more daylight pictures tomorrow.

Because of the evil Games workshop, the figures come with those silly single base things, so I had to cut of the base slit and use green stuff to base them, an anoience to be sure and just another reason they are evil.
Now is fear of beeing racist orcs are quite useless they only work when you got like a billion of them, or atleast 5 orcs for every human/elf/dwarf.
This means each unit will be BIG, 36 for archers and 48 for infantry,
While the humans(mostly rohan) will be only 24 pr. unit and much fewer.
As always I aim big, 800 orcs and a few trolls, against only 250 rohan and rangers.
I will pretend on a 1:30 scale battle, so 800 orcs are realy like 25 000. The rohan will have 1600 (54 figures) of cavalry, and about 4000 infantry, kinda going away from the ide of all cavalry rohan army.
I'm looking for rules, I know I don't want anything to do with the warhammer/GWS rules.
So some generic fantasy rules or sevral that I will steal from.
I want the game to be kinda like chess, no so much flanking but more about right units againt right units at the right time. With some elite units into the mix.


Dave Gamer said...

I never thought of adding green stuff to the slot-tab to make a "normal" flat base for them. I always cut the tab off and glue the bottom of the feet to the new base - I use Goop(tm) so it holds even a guy who's running forward on his toes.

Rules - Personally I'm swinging back to HoTT (Hordes of the Things). You could also use Hostile Realms (which is a Piquet variant for fantasy - some original Piquet elements plus some Piquet:Field of Battle elements).

Gunfreak said...

HOTT2 is defenetly the rules I like the most of the few I've read, I'm gonna have to do some fixing on them, but the seem very good.

Shaun McTague said...

will recommend Impetus and pre-release recommend the new warlord ancients rules :)

Or base for HOTT, play Impetus for bigger games and When available the black powder warlord variant.

also basic impetus is free :)


herzogbrian said...

For the scale you are talking about, you might want to try Waken the Storm, a Sword and the Flame varient for medevil/fantasy. Everything is based on 20 man units, so you will just have more units of bad guys.

James said...

Apology not accepted :)