Saturday, November 6, 2010

Post 150 and 6th Wisconsin

Well hello there, I have just been to the Oslo Whisky festival with my dad, look to my whisky blog for info on that.
But before I left I took some pictures of the 6th Wisconsin.
I realy like this unit, S&S is realy animated, look at all those poses from the same pack, I realy like the command base, you got a sergant, two diffrent standard bearars and a officer.
Just a realy cool unit, if I may say so my self.
Most of the details don't show up, but they are there.

VERY animated.

I'm very happy with these they are the first 28mm ACW figs painted in like two years.


AD said...

A favorite (non-AWI) unit. Nice work!

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Nice job on them Yankees

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, your 28mm table and figs were one of the reasons I took out my old 28mm ACW