Monday, December 6, 2010

Napoleonic Project number 6!!

Well I started work on my irregular project, I'm done with the prussian cav brigade and soon the III cav corps for the french,

But irregular really don't let me paint the napoleonics the way I want, sure when you got like 2500 of them they look ok, but they have very little details and are hard to paint.

When painting Prussians it's not that bad, but the french are a let down, and the cav is realy a let down, I painted some french hussars, and the back is ok, with the palisse they actualy look ok from the back, but from the front it's just a jumble of lead.

So it's time for baccus again, and you know by now I don't do small projects,

So before I reveal the project, here are the numbers

4400ish infantry and between 940 and 1880 cavalry depending on how much cav I put on each base.

So whats the project?
Well there really is only one project left to do for Napoleoinc wars propper(that is not revolutionary wars)

So have you guessed it.

Waterloo, now sadly there is no Dutch/Belgians or Brunswick from Baccus, so I have to concentrate on the Anglo in the Anglo allied. Atleast I can do KGL and Hanvoerian.
I'll use Polemoes rules, but the general de division not the marshal of empire, this means 187 battalions 103 cav regiments. lots and lots of figures.

Anyway I'll post pictures of the irregular cav when I get some good light.

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