Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Well it won't come to anyones suprise that I've started yet another project.
Why you ask well I watched the Pacific, and HAD TO PAINT MARINES.
As it happens there is a gamestore that now stocks warlord stuff, including thier bolt action WW2 figures. And they had one box of marines.

I'm basing them for Blitzkreig commander, each 40x40mm base has 2-3 figures on it and is a section/squad.

The plan is to have a company one day, If I've read it correctly each Marine platoon has 3 rife squads, one weapons platoon, which is gonna have a MG, Flamethrower, and mortar squad.
So thats 3 by 3 rife squads so thats 9 rifle squads, with mortar, MG and flamethrower, and a command squad. Total 13 bases, with about 39 figures, Thats not alot by my standards, it's bearly a single battalion of Napoleoincs.

On to the pics.
The marines are painted with kaki that I've dirtied up alot, basicly after the coat of kaki I cover it with light brown ink, not to shade, but to just make it look dirty, I then shade the uniform with british kaki, I use the same british kaki on the gear, the backpacks, the ammo pounches ect.

The helmet covers are painted desert yellow with beige brown spots., the wood on the weapons are painted lighter then most wood I paint, becasue alot of garands seem to be made of quite a light wood.

I try to make each base have the same style, so this is a moving base,
Next base will be a fireing base.


Beccas said...

Nice work on the Marines.

Ubique said...

Nice work on the figures. Very effective.