Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New camera part Trix!

I found out I only need a few generals before I can play with this force, I can get 3 small infantry brigades on each side and a cav brigade. I'm gonna try it with black powder.

These pics are actualy taken in a dark room with no natural light, but I found this night/low light thing on the camera, that takes very nice pics even with out sunlight.


James said...

Nice work, Truls. Two points.

1. I'm noting more use of those angled shots.

2. You seem to be sneaking in newly painted units on us at every turn.


Gunfreak said...

Angled shots? you mean more top down shots?

Most og the new units are ready painted stuff I've orderd

James said...

Instead of directly ahead, you take an angled shot of the line. You get more figs in that way.

Easily one of your best looking table tops.

Gunfreak said...

Yeah want to get in as many as possible, Thanks for the nice comment