Saturday, January 15, 2011

First brigade in RtE project done

Well not brigade, but regiment, but in the RtE it will be treated as a brigade.
3 Landwehr battalions and a "regimental/brigade" general

I was planing on doing 3 24 figure battalions, but I had orderd more figures then I had thought so it ended up as 2 32 figure battalions and 1 24.

It's fun this brigade takes the same room as single battalion in 28mm in frontage that is, it takes alot less room in depth.

The blue actualy has two colors, dark royal blue with marine blue highlights, I think it looks very cool, I do all my dark blue that way, royal blue with marine blue, no mater what scale, in 15mm and 28mm, I also had a tuch of light blue to bring out even more highlights. The royal blue needs the marine blue or it will be to dark and absorb all light.

Thats it, I'm now painting some French legere I think they will look very cool.

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Sgt Steiner said...


Adler '6mm' look excellent (I have some of their WW2 stuff) and well painted.