Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Republic To Empire 6mm Project, first photos.

Ok, as I said, I had this crazy idea about Republic to empire in 6mm.

I did this becasue all my 6mm have been aimed at big scale stuff, Borodino grand armee, polemos ect. Basicly single base units. What I had not done is to do big battalion games, like RtE, GdB ect. but in 6mm. The other reason is that when I had all my 28mm RtE my table seemed very small, and one of the selling points of the rules is that they can actuly be used for corps sized games, but I can bearly fit a half division on each side in 28mm.

So I decided to go against nature and do rules with 28mm in mind but in 6mm(aswell as 28mm)

I started with a division for each side, A french 1809-18014 division, to be honest I've forgotten how many battalions I orderd, I think 12 but I'm not sure, might be more. I also orderd a regiment of dragoons and one of lancers, AND two of hussars, ontopc of that I have 3 regiments of horse allready painted, 1 french chasseur, 1 polish chasseur and one wurtenberg chevalegeres, thats 7 regiments of horse and 12 battalions and 2 batteries.

Later I'll add another division and a heavy cav brigade.

So who are the French gonna fight? The Chinese? The Australians? Or what about the Prussians!!

Yes Prussians, first up is the Advance Guard at Möckern, this is 2 battalions og greandiers, One compisite jeger battalion, two battalions of east prussians, one reserve battalion and 3 landwehr.

Aswell as 2 hussar regiments and two uhlan regiments. Now brigading prussians is always hard. RtE gives each 3 battalion the same treatment as a brigade of other armies.

So the brigadeing will be jeger and grenadiers in 1 "brigade". East prussian and reserve in the second, and the 3 landwehr as the last, the hussars will be brigaded and the uhlan will be brigaded, and two batteries.

This will be expanded on later, in the end I hope to do the enite Yorcks Corps at Möckern, but thats in the future.

All my first battalions will be 24 strong, I'll probebly add more bigger stuff later, or add to the smaller one, I choose 24 becasue in the fall 1813 units will be tierd and undertrenght on all sides.

Also it means it's easy to get a unit done, I can probebly do two units in a single day

My 28mm are based 8 to 50x50mm, my 15mm are based 8 to 30x30mm, and now my 6mm are based 8 to 20x20mm, I did concider basing them 6 to 15x20mm, but it was starting to get really small, but woul have looked better with 4 bases, atleast in column, but for simplisity I did 8x3, and when/if I expand the units to 32 I get 4 bases.
When it comes to grading I'm grading all landwehr as drilled, they did a good job at Möckern, even against the Naval Artillerist, which were among the best Napoleon had to offer in 1813.
Grenadiers will be Vetran Elite, regular infantry will be vetran, not sure about reserve. jegers will be vetran elite,
For the french I'm grading the naval artillerist as vetran, while most regular infantry will be expected to be marie louises and just drilled. Hussars and Chassuers on both sides will be vetran, mabye a few of them will be vetan elite, I don't think you'll find a hussars or chasseurs that din't have extencive experience by this time in campaigning.
Not sure about the lancers, uhlans and dragoons tho.
Anyway this is my RtE 6mm Project. I got all I need to game, just need to paint it.

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paulalba said...

I take it you got over your painting block then GF ;-)
Good Stuff.
You do a fine job of these 6mm lads.