Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Nam man, the nam

Man talk about troubled project.
The figure it self is superb, perfect anatomy and great detail, BUT it's made of VERY VERY brittle resin, resin is fine for square buildings, but for a thin delicate M16 it sucks, when I tried to cut the M16 from it's spure it broke in 3, later it broke another part, when breaking it explodes and the parts vanish into my apartment and impossible to find again, the barrle tim and carry handle disapeard for good, the barrle was rebuildt with green stuff, I didn't have the skills to make a flash hinder, so it's just a little barrle. the carry handle was a totaly diffrent beast, I tried for 4 days to make it out of green stuff, couldnt get t thin and small enough, I then started to look for random things to make it out of, I tried to use some white metal flash for metal soldiers to make it, but it's didn't work, in the end, I had to use part of a paper clip, I globed green stuff on the top of the M16 and glued the paper clip part to the top, not perfect, but it was atleast thin enough, I also had to glue the M16 it self togeather with green stuff, so it ended up very fat and buldgy and most of the fine detail disapeard on it.

The figue is inspired by Chris, Charlie Sheen's charater in Platoon, the Bravo 6 company that makes them also have a Barnes, and Elisja ect.

I tried to make him as dirty and missrable as possible.

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