Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Marines

Well I rewatched the Pacific now with my 1080p 50" plasma tv.
So that ment I got into painting my marines again, this is a small side project, I only need about 40 marines and 40-60 Japs(disclamer, I call them japs as it's propper ternonamigly for the period, I do not call japanese people japs in other sicunstances)

Now I had planed on doing all my marines in kaki, but it seems there was no standard for this, even Pacific shows random asortment of kaki and sage/faded olive uniforms even as late a Peleliu. For the green uniforms I used faded olive, with light brown ink to dirty it up.
I also did the web gear with a mix of propper olive drab and dark kaki, even a mix with in the same figure, mabye a olive belt and ammo pouches and kaki canteen cover ect.
Some marines got kaki shirts and green trousers ect. To make a real rag tag vetran marine look.


Beccas said...

Very nice work. What colours did you use for your helmet cam?

Gunfreak said...

Lets see, the helmet was painted with desert Yellow, then the spots were chessnut

Both colors are coat d'arms

Beccas said...