Friday, January 21, 2011

Why, would you make someting that has 100% chance of breaking

This is to vent some frustration.

I orderd a 50mm Vietnam war figure, the model is fantasic, the right gear, perfect look and anatomy, BUT it's made of resin plastic, resin plastic works great for sqare buildings.


Before I orderd it, and I saw it was resin, I said to my self, that m16 is gonna break before I look at it, but the figure was really nice so I orderd one.

I got it, and say the thin thin delicate M16, I had to cut it loose, I got a super sharp hobby knife and tried to get it out of the thing it was stuck to, what happend, broke in half not a chance that it would get off with out breaking, so I got out the green stuff, and started to glue it togeather, then it broke again, this time the tip of the barrles, which disapeard, so now I had to make a new barrles of green stuff, and I suck at modeling. Then a few days ago I saw that the damn carry handle was gone to, so now I have to make a carry handle of green stuff, and thats very very hard to get it thin enough and small enough and then get it onto the m16.

So my question is why would someone sell resin models when they know how delicate it is, I mean this is expencive models at over £10 a model, you would think you could make it in metal with it it beeing much more expencive, or soft plastic, ANYTHING BUT RESIN.

Why sell a product that got a 96% chance of breaking with in seconds of getting it to the customer. This isn't a bad cheap bad product, the modeler got REAL talent, lots of time has gone into making it. It's like designing a super car, and making it out of wax paper.


veesicilian said...

Tip: In future drop the resin part in a cup of very hot water, leave for a minute or two and it will soften. Remove with a pair of tweezers and cut off the sprue with a new scalpel blade, it should cut like butter. The part will or should re-harden as it returns to room temperature. Try it on a bit of scrap resin

6milphil said...

Name and shame mate, name and shame!

Maybe take a photo of it too.

The only reason for using resin I could think of was if you were North Vietnamese and wanted to negatively effect the morale of Imperialist Yankee Pigdog modellers - you never know.