Friday, February 11, 2011

5th Hussars and a short review of CGM

CGM beeing Campaign Game Miniatures

CGM is prity new to the game, infact I think they started after I got into wargaming.
They started with 100 Days campaign which was a good thing, becasue thats the one period AB didn't cover, and it's clear from the start that these guys want to take on AB, not in any evil capitalist way but it's clear they want the same feeling of joy to be felt when people talk about CGM as when they talk about AB.

Now lets be clear, these guys are right out of the box the second best figures in 15mm, didn't have to prime them, just looking at the bare metal I've seen no other 15mm that is better, exept AB. The detail is superb, there is no flash(someting AB has at times) But looking at the riders they looked a little square boxy kind of feel to them. It was only aperant when first looking at them, the feeling goes away when they are fully painted.

Also the horses don't have the same detail as AB horses, that is they are more plane, not as much mussle tone and stuff like that as the AB horses. but thats not neseseraly a bad thing, lets face it few of us ever get the horses the way we want it, they are fucking hard to get to look good, so unless you are a gifted horse painter, the lack of detail probebly won't have much to say.

Hussars might not be the best test figures to do a review of, they are hard to paint, but it's also hard to make good hussar figures so if they make good hussar figures they should be able to do easier stuff even better.

Now these are Waterloo era hussars, total unrealstic to be brigaded with my 1805 7th hussars but I wanted to try CGM and the cavarly is 3kr cheaper then AB so I thought it was a good reasoon to try it.

I must say I really really like these models, they have lots of detail, no mystery straps that go nowere, the braid is never easy to do right no mater what scale by them 6, 10, 15 or 28mm.
But it turned out ok, the uniform is 3 blues, wizzard, light and bravarian, I think it looked really good. The Peliese is mid gray with white over.

I think these are my best hussars so far in any scale, but I can't say if it's becaue I've gotten better at painting them or the models are easier/better to paint.

Are CGM better then AB? Now but I think they are VERY VERY close atleast their hussars are, lots of detail great anatomy easy to paint ect.
CGM is starting to make other non 1815 figures, they are now out with Austrians in helmets, lets hope they do others to, becasue quite frankly there is room for two high quality 15mm Napoleonics out there, AB is no longer alone as the only option for the discriminating 15mm Napoleonic painter.


James said...

Maybe try painting the hooves an off-white ? It's not that hard cause I think on most sculpts hooves are pretty well defined. It sets off horses for some reason. I noticed that in period photos too. A team of big hauling horses pulling 20 pd Parrots on the Peninsula, spattered in mud, but there's the hooves distinctly in the photo.


James said...

PS They look real good even without the hooves painted. Great looking uniforms and I like the contrast with the dark horses.


James said...
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Gunfreak said...

Thanks, I really like these guys, I know hussars rearly used thier Pelise but they just look so good with them.

I finihed the unit today, turnes out the shakoes should be red so they got that which make them look even better, now they can be seen from across the table.

James said...

Yeah, they are some nice sculpts too. I think you inspired me to start painting some of my own cavalry.


paulalba said...

Good review GF,
Yes, this is some of your coolest painting. I haven't looked at this manufacturer as I decided not to go for the 100 days campaign but will keep an eye out for their new releases. You made me laugh with your horse painting bit!

Gunfreak said...

Aperantly some regiments used this uniforms as early as invasion of russia, and it was standard by 1813, so you can use it for other then 100 days