Tuesday, February 8, 2011

General units and first tableshots of 2011

Yes it's this time of year again, photo shoot time, this is the first time I did it with my new camera

But first up the generals, I've been making some general bases, I decided to do infantry generals on 40x40 bases with atleast two figures, but cavalry generals on 25x30 bases singely, as good cav generals don't get boged down with staff they grab the nearest regiment and lead them in a desperate charge to save the day.

Since this is for the lasalle rules I had to paint Lasalle, so here he is, he will lead the light cav brigade

THen we have the other two russian infantry generals, one french divisional general and one russian cav general.

Well that was the boring closeups on to the table shots.

The russians try and cross a brigade, beeing met by 3 battalions of legere

Jegers and Legere looking at eachother over the river.

Grenadiers that have not been part of any tableshots before.

French cav general leading his troops
Lasalle infornt of his hussars and chasseurs
French line