Monday, February 28, 2011

Some Prussians

I've been a busey little beaver over the weekend, I've painted all the hussars and now only the basing is left, I also finished the last base of landwehr, my 32 figure unit has been just 24 for like 6 months, the last 8 have been laying around primed for that time and never got around to painting them.

Now it's a big 32 figure unit, or about 640 soldiers, I think that's quite alot for the 1813 period.
Now I have to find the money for 2 more battalions of landwehr to finish the regiment.

I think they look damn good, and it's all because of the figures, they are lovely.

The hussars are probebly my best 28mm unit so far, I got it right with the highlights of dark gray on the black, I almost got all the braid painted singely, so they stand out. The horses are sevral times better then anything I've done before. I good looking unit I think.

But thats not all, I got another unit primed and ready, and I did the first 4 figures today, Normaly all my units are 24, 32 or 40 figure strong, you know they are all 8 to a base and you simply ad another base, 3 bases for 24, 4 for 32 and 5 for 40. But some how I orderd 29 reserve infantry, I have know idea how I did that, I probebly tried to order 32 and just couldn't count that high, I mean I only got 10 fingers so it's hard to count all the way to 32.
Anyway that means I have to make a 28 figure battalion, it will be fun, diffrent sized units are cool, it would be kinda weird that ALL battalions either had 480, 640 or 800 soldiers so finnaly a battalion will have 560 soldiers.

So here it is the first 4 of a reserve battalion

I love these guys, all blue, lots of nice straps, the shading dosn't show up on the dark picture but it's there, as some of the more astute of you might have seen, this is british uniforms, THATS COOL, prussians in british uniforms that are dark blue, AWESOME!
Again Calpe is so nice, lots and lots of detail, that is easy to spot and easy to paint.
So 24 more reserve to paint before the battalion is done.
I need two more battalions of landwehr and two more of reserve, a battery and one battalion of line, and my prussian brigade will be done.


Ray Rousell said...

Very nice paintwork, I like the Landwher, they look really cool!!

paulalba said...

Hi GF,
Totally agree with Ray, Your Landwher look great!!! I think these are your best so far. All round cracking paint job.

Andy McMaster said...

I'll third the sentiment re the Landwehr. They look excellent!

Ubique said...

Nice looking figures. Good to see masses of well painted figures.


Beccas said...

I really like your figures. Everything looks good.

Gunfreak said...

Wow, so many replies, it warms my heart, thanks for all the nioe comments.

Paul´s Bods said...

Not finished yet with the replies :-D
I´ll add my admiration of the landwehr...great painting