Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finished prussians and something new

I was overjoyed to see lots of comments on my last post, always a great feeling when people comment, the landwehr seem to have gone over quite well, so here they are all finished.

Also finished are the hussars, which I think looks very good with their bases, the bases are 60x60 so quite big, so you can create the feeling of horses actualy rampleing over a field.

Now I got no commnets on the reserve infantry, ok it was just a tiny base of 4 figures in a dark picture, but still I think personaly they are even better then the landwehr, I used the exact same color scheem, on these, but you got lots of wonderfull creases to shade and tops to highlight,
Here is a better picture that should show more detail then the last.

The main, blue is Royal blue, it's a nice dark mat color, I use them for french blue to, basicly any dark blue is used with royal blue, the shade is midnight blue from citadel, it's almost purple and not mat at all it's quite glossy, so you can only shade with it, if you paint whole jackets or trouser with it, it looks like valure, it's that shiny. the highlights are marine blue, I think it's to light to be real marine blue, but it works for highlights.

But thats not all, I did some general officers to, they are quite bland, as most of the prussian officers of the liberation period were

This guy could be a draoon, so little diffrence.

These aren't my best work, I just have problems doing generals and command figures.


Ray Rousell said...

It's always nice to get comments on your posts especially after all the hard work put into the figures. I think people prefer the Landwher because of the colour combination, blue and yellow, there's not a lot of yellow in any army during the period so it always gets my vote as it's so different.

James said...

Truls, problems with generals AND command figures?? I think you need to try some Oprah-essence pills... or just subscribe to the mag, its practically the same thing.

Seriously, excellent stuff thar.


PS I can't wait for that woman to retire from public life. Only person I ever knew to announce her retirement 10 years in advance and tomorrow ain't soon enough :)

Gunfreak said...

Yes, generals and command, becasue not a brigaders were generals, some times colonels commanded a brigade, this happend a lot especaly with late prussiasn, and since the prussian brigades were the size of divisions, you could have a colonel or lt colonel commanding 6000 soldiers.

James said...

I think I see what you're saying. Historically the uniforms of a colonel would be less aesthetically pleasing than that of general.

That said, what you've got painted there Truls, is pretty darn good. Those officers look excellent. Impressive work.