Monday, March 21, 2011

Repainting project first attempt

This actualy went prity well, I had ofcourse resprayed all my fireing continentals, so I can't give a propper before shot, so instead you'll get to see some very very ugly things,

This is my attempt to use Army painter dip, the resault was ruined figures, but if you look past the dip shit(haha) you'll see the old paint job I did on continentals.

And here's the repaint, I think they look quite good, ONE of these figures were not repainted, but is infact painted the normal way with bare metal primed and painted, while the other 5 are resprayed over the old paint job, 5 bucks if you see which one is not a repaint. Now there was problems, the command figures lost quite alot of detail, so I put them in the back, while the regular soldiers seem to have survived the respray quite well.

They are painted in the same way as the 23rd, gray primer ect.
I think the improvment is quite big.
Now I have gotten alot of tips on how to remove the paint from the old figures, I can't use anything with strong smell, becasue of the neiboughrs.
So right now some figures are in a bath of dishwashing dirgient, I'll leave them over the night and see if the paint goes of.


Der Alte Fritz said...

Wow, the new paint jobs look very nice! Congratulations on the big improvement.

James said...

The guys you dipped don't look all that bad, it's the muskets that got wiped out.

Gunfreak said...

I see that I missed some primer here and there, the loading figure in partuclar has a lot of unpianted primer showing, gonna have to go over it again