Monday, March 21, 2011

Repainting project

Ok, so here's the dealio.
I have orderd some perry AWI figures, but they won't show up for quite some time, and the order is no were near enough for a real game, but I do have about 200 painted perry AWI, they are to ugly to field on the table, and far far to expencive to never use again or throw away.

So the Answer is repaint project, the problem, is that when I painted these figures almost 3 years ago, I used cheap and bad arts and crafts, they are thick and bad, and they won't come of with paint thinner. so I have to respray them, this means that some detail will be lost. But I still think they will look better then they do now, and I got nothing to loose by trying.


Rob Edgar said...

You should try using Detol or a generic brand, it will strip any paint even old enamels which have been varnished decades ago, I haven't found anything it won't strip and it won't do any damage to the figures or your health either.

Soak overnight, then use a toothbrush toothbrush of the paint.

Rick said...

I use Simple Green, a cleaning solution you can pickup almost anywhere in the US. Like Dentol it should strip the paint of those figures with out any problems.

Fridericus said...

What kind of paint are they painted with? With oil paint I use a washing machine detergent, soak the figures for a couple of minutes, and off it is.