Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Version 3.1 VIP

Ok, painted the last 8 in the unit, this is 18 strong unit, it's only 12 cm frontage, which isn't bad for 28mm, ofcourse in my quest for space, the unit isn't very realistic, really in the half open order that was really used I shoul have had only 4 figure to the base not 6, but that would mean that units would take up ALOT of room, the same 18 figure unit would be 16cm frontage.
A 24 unit would be 24 frontage, and that is alot. Same as a 28mm Napoleoinc cavalry unit. And those take alot of room.

Anyway on to the unit, this is the 23rd, this is like the 6th or 7th time I've painted it over a 3 diffrent periods, and in many many scales.

So I tried to replicate the face of 3.1 and I acutaly did it on a few figures, some looks good, other not so, seem kinda random.

What I do like is the trousers, after I while I got used to the painting style on the trousers and now I think they look quite good, also with the russet red jackets the highlight looks better.

Eventho they are a pain in the ass to paint, I must say this uniform is one of my favorites, so usefull and smart, compeard to the other standard uniforms of the day, even the Napoleoincs unitforms of 30 years later, were really a step back when it came to funcutality.

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