Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Version 1, 2 3 and 3.1

Ok, after the test figures I went ahead with painting a small bunch of them, I painted all the command figures, and some other stuff.
I did one thing diffrent with these and that was using a very light brown ink on the face.

Here is version 1, painted years ago

Then we have the failure that is version 2.

Now technacaly version 3 would have been those figures that were so ugly I didn't post them, but those have been painted over so we pretend they never exicted.

And here is the diffrence between version 3 and 3.1, the one face pointed out in this picute is probebly the best 28mm face I've done, to bad the rest didn't look that good, with my eyes I couldn't really tell the diffrence, only in the photoes do I see that some are butt ugly in the face, while this one single figure actualy look prety ok.

Also I have notised that the figures look ok, in the small photoes, only when you blow up the pics to all my horrible painting show up.
But I'm still amazed just how hard these are to paint compeard to Calpe and even perry Napoleonics, same sculpter, but so diffrent, had to use completly diffrent techinces and still its like night and day, perry AWI beeing night and calpe beeing day.


Paul´s Bods said...

Looking good.

AD said...

It's been interesting following your recent efforts. Your "3.1" figure looks great, by the way.