Sunday, April 3, 2011

Two New Projects

First one is fearly simple, it's yet another atempt to get into 7TW, I've trid this twice before, once in 15mm, but I lost heart as I just couldn't get OG figures to look good. The second try was 6mm Baccus, not sure what happend there, I just stopped painting and havn't felt like starting again. So this time, it's 28mm, hadn't thought of doing it in 28mm before, because my painting of 28mm wasn't that great, but I've gotten better. So it's Front Rank 28mm, I choose FR becasue it has complete range, and even tho the poses are limited, they have lots and lots of detail, braids and everything. The rules will still be might and reason, the plan is to have 18 figures of infantry in each unit. The cav will be 6 troopers with horses. Again the battle will be Minden, I get to paint British, Hanoverian, Hessain and Brunswick, and French and Swiss on the other. The second project is diffrent, it's a totaly new period for me, well not one period but sevral glued togeather. The project is inspired by the Napoleoinc period, were you had 25 years of almost constant fighting, but I move it into the mid 19th Century, this period did have lots of big and small wars, but it was a kind of free for all, What I plan on doing is to have a recreation of french domminance during the Napoleoinc wars, but move it to the period of 1850-1875. I'll make an excuse for a french great power, then the other powers will fight the french, then ally them self with french and then do this and that. I do plan on having a slight diffrence, During the Napoleoinc wars, only Britian was the constant enemy of the french, but it would be to boring to have it do that again for my campaign, so the prussians will take the british place, this means that if the campaign goes this way or that way, the British might be temoraraly allied with the French, like the did in real life like in the Cremian. Now to get figures for the battle part of the campaign, I'll use Pendraken 19th C range, The british will be Cremian, the French and prussians will be 1870, Danes 1860s ect. For the battle rules I'll do it simple, and use polemos, it wil let me do battles of about 30 000 on each side. each base beeing a single battalion. Not sure how many figures I'll put on each, but each "army" will be about 1000 figures, but that's a full battle, I only need a few 100 to do a small game. So thats the plan(s)

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Ray Rousell said...

The 7YW is my favorite period, I used to own tons of 15mm British, French and Russians, but sold them all to my mate who now owns all the nations for the war. It's a great period to play, I wish you lots of luck in getting them painted!!