Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Revisting Samurai

So I have a couple of samurai that got a bad paint job, so I removed the paint, resprayed them and repaited them, I did this becasue I'm playing shogun 2 total war and I'm in feudal japan mood

They are very hard to paint, to get definition on the armor with it it beeing dirtied by the ink.

What I did was give them a base color of russet red, then brown ink, and then I tried to paint each single piece of the armor with british scarlet, leaving the ink inbetween the small plates., It worked ok on the chest pieces, but the detail on the hip pieces are so small it's very hard to get right. I did the silk clothing in bravarian blue with light blu shading.

Not sure what I'm gonna do with my samurai, I got 3 more to do, and 6 ashigaru with matchlock.

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