Monday, May 23, 2011

Need your opinion 2

Ok, version 3.0, the feedback I got on TMP was quite clear(and by some brutal) to dark, way to dark, I have 140++ colors, but I still had problems finding the right color, here is the attempt.

The problem is that you not only need one color, but you really need ATLEAST 3 shades of the same color. that ain't easy. So the main color is desert sand, I treid using dark sand for shade, but the color was way to close and it didn't show up, so I had to go one shade darker og used tan earth to shade, I then use 2 diffrent colors to highlight, pale sand and unbleached wool.
The webbing is still kaki.

I really like this guy, and I hope that others will to, it's just neater, cleaner then the others, but I'm afraid it's to light or to yellow in color.


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Gunfreak...for whatever its worth, I think your stuff is excellent. There are a few guys on TMP who think they are so much better than anyone else, but you never see anything they do...they just talk. Personally I dont think they have any talent, they just hide behind the screen and talk a big game. If I were you I wouldnt listen to anything they say. Tmp on the whole is pretty good...but there are 4 or 5 so called experts on there
who really piss me off. Sorry for the rant. Like I said I think your stuff is excellent.

Steve's Wargame Stuff said...
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Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

totally agree with the Captain on this one. There are a few anally retentive painters / gamers on TMP who obviously have far too much time on their hands. Wargaming is just that, wargaming. The world seems to think that to be a successful gamer we also have to be talented painters (another skill entirely) Not so in my opinion. Your stuff rocks my friend, you paint your troops the way you want them to look and stuff the rest ..... Oooooh, this ranting thing is catching!

mekelnborg said...

That more olive green looking guy on the left has the most amazing effect around his mouth and lips, like he's panting from running with all that gear on and shaking around. That's a bit of real art there, just look only at the mouth.

Just tell those TMP-ons to go stuff themselves.