Monday, May 23, 2011

Need your opinion

So After playing a Computer Game called Combat Mission Battle for Normandie(look for a short review of it on this blog soon) I got in a serious WW2 mood, so I watched Band of brothers, Big Red One, Saving private ryan ect. But when I get in the mood of a period, I have to paint it.
So I bought two boxes of bolt action figures, one US Airborne and one SS in cammo, I wanted regular heer, but the store didn't have it.

But before I get into painting all the figures I need to do a paint test.

I think I got the webbing down, with 3 layers of kaki/grayish stuff.
But the uniform it self is harder.
So I made two versions of the exact same figure.

On the left, the main color is beige brown, with horse stone brown for shade and Tan earth for highligts, I think it looks good, BUT it's very BROWN, mabye to brown, I have a repo M42 uniform and it's not that chocolate brown, it's more a mid stone brown.

So I did another, On the right this one had the main color with Tan earth, and I think it's very close to my M42, I did beige brown shade and mid stone highlights. The main color seem better, but the sade and highlights don't look as good as the one on the left, so I have a hard time deciding.


Ray Rousell said...

I'm no WWII expert, but I've gotta agree, the left figure look a little too brown.

Sgt Steiner said...


The left figure would look ok for Brit Airbourne with cammo smocks.
US Airbourne more dull/bleached tan/brown to my eyes ie less green tinge than standard army olive drab.
Contrastinly darker patches at knees and elbows.

Look forward to hearing about the new Combat Mission game