Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Ok, Ok, not even is the SS were most soldiers Nazis, atleast not by 44.
But any SS unit needs it token True Beliver, so I made one. Can you spot him?

I really didn't want SS, I wanted Heer, becasue I suck at painting camo, this is SUPOSE to be SS Smock Type 2 Oak, the most commen of the smocks, but as you might see, my Smocks don't look much like the real thing, I tried making dots here and there making a few borders of of dark green around the lighter green, but it's kinda a miss.

Some of the faces turned out ok tho, the pictures don't do them justice, but some of those faces are the best I've done.

So 10 Gunfreak Land Bucks to the one that can spot the Næzi


mekelnborg said...

Can't be the blonde-haired blue-eyed guy because a true believer wouldn't be out there without his headgear.

So it must be the guy with the big black leather overcoat, because he looks like a fat guy I know who staunchly supported his president through thick and thin no matter what. Italian, this guy, for the record. Also looks a little starry-eyed.

Gunfreak said...

No the blonde blue eyed, is infact a resent naive replacemnet, not a true beliver, but naive enough to belive in the fatherland, Yes, the true belver is the commander in the gestapoesc trench coat.