Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Combat Mission AAR

Shock and awe is the code word, now before we start, I'm very bad at this game, not only do I play on the easiest level, but I have turned of something called rarity, rarity is a second from of currancy in the quick battle force selection, you have credits and rarity, things like battalions cost alot of credits but have next to no rarity, while air suport has much higher rarity and stuff like rockets have very high rarity.

So I turn of that, which lets me buy LOTS of suport options.

This was a big battle, thats about a battalion and a half of americans.
But I only bought one, and spent the rest of my credits on lots and lots of suport options.

The germans choose thier stuff randomly so I didn't know what they had, other then it was mech infantry.

I started the battle with saturaing and bombing the hell out of the map.

Rockets saturated half the map

I started to move my airborne squads towards the objective.
I also droped bomb and big boy artillery on the objevtive.

I found the objective and to my suprise some units had survived,

Well not for long

I called in the big stuff, 14 Inch battleship guns, the first shell hit exactly on the Pack 40, I don't think they made it.

The resault was some 30 dead germans.

But it wasn't over 30-40 dead germans out of 300 isn't gonna stop them.

The started to flank me, and ship soldiers into the objerctive area.

The craters from the 14" guns made perfect defliade for the germans.

Not only that but they had armord veichals, luckely I ambushed the half track with a bazooka.

I started to get more and more troopers into place, it was tuch and go for a few minutes, but then the last 20 minutes were turkey shoot, I had 60 paratropers, with 6 mgs behind a long hedge and all the germans did was to ship more and more soldiers into the objective area, which with the exeption of the craters didn't have any cover, I mowed them down.

With a good 30 minutes left of the game, the germans surrenderd, I lost 38 dead, and 37 wounded, I still had 496 soldiers good to go.

And the germans? Well they lost 190!! DEAD!! 110 Wouned. the only had 50 left when they surrenderd.

This was a quick battle, were I simply overpowerd the enemy with shock and awe, not a fair fight.

The next AAR will be from the first mission in one of the 4 campaigns.

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