Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Finnaly finished French Line and British Wip

First up the British, these are kinda experimental, my first use of ink in a long time outside the face. I thes figures are kinda a wierd mix of two styles, the trousers are in the ink style while the jacket is in my classic paint only style. I used the ink on the trousers becasue I just couldn't get them to work with just paint, I'm still not sure about the style, it still looks dirty and messy even if I only used mid brown ink and repainted most of the grey afterwords.

The faces do have some character, the victrix faces lend them self to ink style faces very well.
Now useing grey primer I met one known problem and another unforseen one. the known problem is that with grey, everthing you don't paint is kinda very obvious, if you prime black, then any parts you don't get to with the paint just seem like a shadow ect. This is very notisble in the neck area. The other unforseen problem is that the grey plastic and grey primer was the EXACT same color, making it very hard to see if they were all coverd with primer or not.

Another problem I got was that this is gonna be the 32nd which have white facings, so how do you get the white lace to show up on white cufs, I tried black primer outlining and it only partly worked.

But some how, with the problems, the ink just sortoff working but not quite, the grey showing up in the neck, I still think they look pretty good. They just kinda do. After I started to use russet red for the main color of the red coat, it's easier to get the red to look good, it's darker and less gloss, making the jacket kinda look like cloth, I shade with brick red, and highlight with angel red.

The red on grey on white just looks so good once you get the figure done, now that the faces look ok to, it helps to get the figure to look more finished.

I'm hopeing to squise atleast 3 battalions out of my two victrix boxes, you got 108 figures in the box, so in theory I should get even 4, but it's getting the right mix of arms, command ect.

The box got lots of command figures, This has led two to things I don't normaly do, 1 paint drummer, paint sergants, if each battalion has a drummer, thats 4 soldiers not needing to be gottne out of the box, with a sprinkeling of sergants, even more soldiers can take it easy.

And since the British battalions had two standards, I can drop two more soldiers, ad an officer and 4 more can go, So say I have 2 standard barers, 1 officer, 1 drummer and 1 or 2 sergants.

That means I only need bewteen 18 and 19 regular soldiers with muskets.

I have glued togeather, the first battalion now, I managed to get all in march possion, but this was just 24 strong, how the hell people are supose to make 30 or 36 or 40 figure battalions in all marching I do not know.

So this battalion is all marching, I hope to make one in all charging, and one fireing, what the last will be I do not know. depends on whats left in therm of arms.

Anyway enough of this WIP shit, lets get to a finished unit.
This is the long awaited French line battalion, I started work on these back in 67 when I was in the nam, fighting the commie horde, no wait sorry, the drugs are wearing of, got a little confused.

I started these way back in May 6th, ok not that long ago, but I got sidetracked with samurai then WW2, I finished these yesterday. but had to finish the base.

And here's the resault, the company structure is all wrong, this is just 4 out of 6 companies, I might have to paint over the pompom on a few of these to make 6 companies.

Really in a 24 figure battalion each company should be 4 strong, here they are 6 strong like a 36 figure battalion. Now for the british I have and excuse, since you need two boxes, center and flank company, to make exactly 3 or 4 battalions, you have to spread the number of figures taken from each box the same, so for my british, 12 are center with command, and 12 are flank, this is ofcourse silly, since I then have more flank company soldiers then center, which is stupid since there should only be 2 out of 10 companies that were flank, here it looks like 5 our of 10 are flank, but I'm bad at math, and mixing two boxes is about as complicated I can get in my calculations, if I had to ad another center box I would just loose it.

Anyway here the french unit is.

Thats it for tonight, now go away I have to watch my taped episode of Top Gear.


Ray Rousell said...

Nice looking figures, the ink does sit very well on the faces, what ink do you use?

Gunfreak said...

On the faces, superwash light brown, from coat d'arms, I paint the faces with foundry expert flesh A, then just dunk the faces in the wash, let it dry and paint the face with foundry expert flesh C, leaving ink under the cheeks, around the nose, in the eye sockets, lips ect.

mekelnborg said...

I see what you mean about all that. You could just buy 48 or whatever boxes at a time, then use one figure from each box for battalions. Of course then you could end up with too many battalions.

I have a bottle of Liquitex brand burnt sienna acrylic ink here but haven't tried it on anything yet, so that's interesting to hear how you're using it.

What you did not mention but that looks interesting to me is that you cut down the bases so they can fit closer together. That was something I was just thinking about tonight looking at my 1/72 plastic figs. Some bases go one way and some another, and I would like a tighter shoulder to shoulder look. Certain poses would have to go sideways to fit the tighter frontage, or be kept out, on mine.

Gunfreak said...

The victrix bases are HUGE, I'm basing all my 24 figure battalion on 4 40x45mm bases, and the victrix just wouldn't fit, 3 in width. takes like close to 60mm,