Monday, May 30, 2011

93 figure battalion?

Well not really, I got this brigade of Perry plastic figures ready painted from Mabuhay Painting service. by pure chance when I order it, they had 3 ready battalions and only needed to paint up one, and that happend in 3 days, I payed late on sunday, and the order was shipped on thursday.

About two week later the box showed up(at the wrong post office) But I picked it up today about a week since it showed up.
Not only fast shipping but the order got under the radar of the customs people, I guess a small light package dosn't seem very valuable, they should only have known it was also full of uncut blood diamonds.

I asked for the figures not to be based, that saved me a little shipping cost. it also means I can base them the way I like. Each figure came singaly in each own zlip lock bag, so now I hae 98 of them, perfect for my side buissnes of selling coke.

The figures are very cleanly painted, with lots of detail, only thing not painted are the forage caps under the cartridge box, other then that everything els is painted and detailed, and very sharply painted.

They are painted with a spesfic style, while cleainly painted they have very simple shading and no highlighting. The shading is just black, this is a known style used mostly in 15mm but also 28mm, in the creases you shade with just simple black, it means the figures have it's own look, I think it's a good look, not award winning painting contest look, but then I can't paint award winning painting contest look either. The blue jacket are not shades, as the blue used is very dark, so black wouldn't really show up, and only the sharpes creases get shading, shallow folds don't get any. It's deffenatly simple yet effective stuff. the lack of shading and highlighting is counterd by the shap paint job. And the faces are very well painted, with character feel to it.

Also bonus for not having the mass produced feel, the overcoats are in many diffrent color(atleast 3) one is natural wool thing, then a beige gray and a dark gray. 3 diffrent colors is actualy more then enough to give veriaty in a unit, even the coats still on the backpacks have diffrent colors.

The backpacks are very nicly painted, something I've never been good at painting.

I havn't gotten my bases yet from Litko, so I decided to play around and create a 93 figure battalion, minus 3 of the eagle bearers.

The price for a single battalion of 24 cost $78 Thats with 24 figures, which cost about $20 wroth of plastic, so the paint job is $58 or $2.4 pr paint job.

I orderd the brigade of 4 24 battalions, or 96 figures, this cost £288 of this about $80 worth of figures, and 208 for the paint job, or $2.2 pr. paint job.

This ofcourse got me in the Napoleonic mood again, now that I have just started with WW2.


Ray Rousell said...

WWII abandoned, back to the Nappies for you!!

mekelnborg said...

That happens to me too, the changing of the subject, and I could have predicted it. My old library was on a two-week book cycle, the new one is on a three-week book cycle, and I wonder if that was how the thing started years ago.

Since I have been painting about 1,000 figures in 1/72 it is nice to think that I am adding value and wealth with all the work. Just one area where inflation is not gobbling up everything.