Friday, July 15, 2011

Re Activation of Alder Borodino project

So I had a bunch of 6mm laying around, they were really for something other, but I decided to restart my alder borodino project, it's really my only grand tactical project and it's diffrent from all the other projects which are tactical.

Finished a nice base of Legere, this is from first corps first division first brigade, a 5 regiment brigade all from the same regiment the 13th legere, this is like the 12th time I've painted this regiment.

Since the bases are so big, you have to not think of them as bases but part of the table, So I planted a tree on the base, to give cover to the skirmishes.

I deployed the enitre Vuligture company as skirmishes, I did toy with the idea of having the whole unit in skirmish order, but it was just to much, the main body of the unit is in 3 deep line, and even in 6mm, 3 deep is VERY deep. looking like a block more then line. but it does give the MASSED feel. I do agree with some that say this is the best use of 6mm. I did try and do 1:20 scale 6mm thing for Republic to empire and it just didn't look ok, 24 figure battalions in 4 small bases, the figures get damaged, the bases tip over ect. 6mm need a big base, ofcourse you don't need a 3" square, I found that the 20x40mm bases I use for my lasalle 6mm with baccus works well to, but I don't feel any smaller bases work, the figures just loose it's effect.

So just what is my goal, I can't actualy play borodino, my table is way to small, I would need a 12x6 table. So my goal is a couple of corps on each side. Davouts corps was a small army, 5 divisions some 40 000 soldiers, add Ney's 3rd corps and par of the cav corps and you got a good 20-25 bases, I then want to do part of 1st western army under Barclay de Tolly, And ofcourse once you've made a base it can be anything, a french base is a french base, only swap the labels and you can do any battle from 1809-1814.

But just how many is 20-40 bases, well it's lets say avrage 80 figures for an infantry base, my legere only did about 60, but thats becasue half the base was taken up by just 10 skirmishes.

And 25-30 cav, thats atleast 4000 figures for both sides, thats alot, not as much as the 9000 the whole of borodino would take. 4000 is well it's 8 weeks of painting if I could have kept the same pace as I did with my British lasalle. But I'm not that mad, well I am that mad but not that kind of mad, ok I am that kind of mad, but I don't have 4000 figures, I got mabye enough infantry to do 2-3 more french bases, and 1 more russian.

And here are random photos of what I've got so far


Craig Welter said...

They look great!

paulalba said...

I really like your 6mm Naps GF!