Sunday, July 17, 2011

wurttemberg and french

So I've continued my work on the french, with sutch big units, it does take some time to do each of them.

I did a french one and a Wurttemberg one, the french had some 70 figures while the wurttemberg had some 83.

One of the cool things of doing these bases is you can do lots of diffrent formations, and even breakdown of them, like the french I did, I did them like they had started to get castualties from artillery, and the ranks started to drift apart.

As you see the ranks are separate, mabye it was artillery fire or the terrain. And I did some skirmishes to.

And here is the Wurttemberg, I did them in a sort of standard formation, that most of my bases will have, namely two lines of 3 ranks, representing 2 battalions. one here is marching one is advancing/chargeing

So far the project numbers about 500+ figures

Also rumaging in my vast vast stockpile of 6mm, sevral thousand Baccus, adler and irregular spread all around my tiny apartment, and I found a corps worth of Poles, even artillery, I had totaly forgotten about them, they had hidden them self in my closet, preying on my poor russians, man do they hate russians.


Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Great looking units!

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mekelnborg said...

I like the idea of the special bases showig damage. I always want specials for routed units, to look like they are running away for their lives.