Sunday, August 28, 2011

WIP 92nd highlanders

So in a rare happening, I can say I'm very happy with them.
I'm particulary happy with the red, I got this really nice shade and highlight effect, infact the effect was so good with just two shades, I just used the 3rd highlight in a couple of the figures were it was needed.

Now just becasue I'm verry happy dosn't mean they are perfect, the kilt is well it is what it is, it looks like a kilt, and you should be able to see which tartan it is, but thats about it, nothing great about it.

The second problem is only a problem on the pictures, I did not see it untill I got to see the full size pictures after I uploaded them, and that problem is that the grey primer shows through a few places, especaly in the area were the neck meets the chest in that triangle, it's very grey.

I'm also quite happy with the looks of the feather cap, the square, "tartan" under the feathers look good, it's basicly just small red, white and green squares, But they look good.

Useing grey primer has some advantages and some disadvatages, one of the advantages is that red is much easier to paint, I just paint the jacket in brick red, go over with russet red, and on a couple of figures I gave an extra highlight of angle red. One of the disadvantages are that you have to paint stuff you normaly don't have to paint, the black feathers(or a shako if they are wearing that) you have to paint the backpak, but worst of all is the shoes, I don't know what it is, but the shoes are just kinda od to paint.

Even the faces turned out ok,(well 3 of them) the 3 not so good ended up in the back rank.

These are perry metal, and very nice, lots of detailes on them, easy to paint the details to.

I see on the pics that I mixed up the figues, all the elite company figures should be on the left, I have fixed it now, the glue wasn't dry so it wasn't a problem.

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