Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cuirassier WIP

So I got this BIG order of perry stuff, metal and plastics. and this is the first unit of that lot painted. Well not unit, half unit, I still need 6 more painted. all my cav units are 12 strong, it's the smallest I can paint and it still looks like a unit. Anything less just looks like small detachments. The problem is that 12 figures is 240 troopers, and 240 is kinda a od number, 200 is the biggest for a single squadron, so 240 has to be to quite small squadrons. I do 12 because of space problems, 12 figures allready take up 24cm, I would have liked to have some random sizes, it is kinda silly that every single cav unit in a battle happend to be 240 strong. a few bigger units would be cool.

So now I hate when you paint a a new types of figures, I always spend the first 20 or so figures just getting to know them, Were do the details go, were can you get the best effect here and there ect. in the end they look perfectly ok, the horses are fine, I did alot of detail on them, giving them socks, face marks, shading them, even painting the hoofs, it helps the unit looks better, more well done.

One thing I suck at is free hand, on the saddle blanket and painting the regimental number on the cloacks packed on the back of the horse.

This is all for today, my chicken is done, food time!

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