Monday, September 5, 2011

A dream almost furfilled

So when I started wargaming 4 long years ago, I had to buy all my stuff online, historic wargaming was dead in Norway, all you had was Warhammer, I dreamt of going to my local gaming store and buy a few packs of AB Napoleonics talking with the owner about new and upcomming figures and rules. and by dream I mean DRAM, I acutaly had this reccuring dream of just that.

So for years I painted my figures, had nobody to play with, just painted and painted in the void that historic wargaming in Norway.

Then I started to get in contact with one guy, that was building quite a force of french and russians, buying them ready painted.

About the same time, the local nerd store, that had sold wargammer for years and years suddnely started to sell the new boxes of plastics, First Victrix then Warlord, they got a nice suply of warlord Pike and shote, aswell as Romans and roman enemies.

After a while metal 28mm Bolt action started sell, then Creamian metals, then last week they started to sell Perry plastics, ACW, Medieval mercenaries, and ofcourse napoleonics.

A few months ago, another Norwegian contacted me, he had been A napoloeinc wargamer, but historic wargaming had died out, and he ended up with warhammer, now his back with a vangence, he now paints both 15mm and 28mm and paint them very very well.

So it looks like my isolation is about to die out, mabye finnaly I can game a little.

The only thing that is a little let down, is that the store only sell boxes, if it dosn't come in a box, they don't sell it. So there is no Victrix metals, or Perry metals. you can't buy a single pack of 6 metal perry figures, it's only boxes. And no 15mm, 10 or 6mm figures.

It does limit a little, also they don't go whole heartedly into it. there is a little corner, that sell historic boxes, and some sci fi, while a much more substantial part is devoted to warhammer.

And this isn't a game store, it's a nerd store, they sell lego, bad pulp fantasy fiction, comic books, roleplaying armor and weapons. and boardgames. So historic minaitures is a very small part of the store, I don't think they make that much money of it. So basicly for them, it's about selling a few boxes now and then, making a little extra money, but nothing worth going in deep with metal and big ranges.

You see this with how avalablity is, basicly the don't have much in the back room, what you see in on the shelf is what they got, I whent there today just to get a perry infantry box of french, but they were sold out, and don't know when they get more.

So the dream is almost furfilled, but not quite.


Willie Anderson said...

Seems like a big step in the right direction.
The more they sell the more they will look at this part of their store!
And now you have an fellow gamer in tow.

Gonsalvo said...

Having some stuff in the local store is great, but having some potential opponents is fantastic. You can mail order almost anything you need for wargaming, except amiable opponents/friends. Have fun!


Briefspite said...

I have had a chat with the guy at Outland (the local game store) that is responsible for the miniatures. He says that if we can get more people to play he will put more miniatures in stock. He is trying to get a reseller deal with Perry at the moment so metal Perry miniatures will be available soonish.

I have advised him to check with me first so he doesnt take in something that nobody wants.

At the moment they will try to have two of each of perry, victrix and warlord plastics available in the store at all times, which is a lot better than what it was before.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks for the info Brief, I was thiknig once we get a few finished forces, in 28mm or 15mm, we might put on a BIG demo game down at outland, like a big 8x6 table or even bigger with sevral 100 figures. using General de brigade.

That might get a few new prospects.

Gonsalvo said...

Yes, by all means do that and "show the colors". I know it's a different country, etc, but it seems like the level of interest in military history and wargaming is greater in Denmark, at least judging from the online materials. I'll bet if you runs some games in suitable venues you'll get some interest. Most people have no idea our hobby even exists!

Of course, both are more popular in England than here in the US, too!

Good luck!

Peter Anderson

Dan said...

HI Gunfreak, its similar in my neck of the woods, my local has mainly GW, and 1/72 plastics, but they started with the boxes of perry's and Victrix about a year ago, but no single or small packs, I think in the end the internet will win.