Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Blue

This bascily is proof I'm just a young boy in a very old mans body.
I got new foundry colors yesterday, one of them was the french blue triad. and like a little kid, I HAD TO PLAY with my new toy. Problem, what to paint. I tried it on my 15mm French, but they are to small, the pictures didn't show any diffrence from the old blue I used.
So I went down to the store I wrote about in prevous post, and they had just sold the last french perry box, I was planing on painting them as legere to get the most blue.

I did buy the 18c supliment to black powder last arguments of kings, and a bottle of black.
As I was pouting over not getting to paint with my blue, I rememberd I had Prussians, one reserve battalion and one landwehr, so I primed the reserve and started painting, it was quite late, but I almost got them done, so today I only need straps, facing and bronze color.

I love this blue, sadly it's been shitty weather in Oslo for the past 6 weeks, and as it's closing on winter, it's quite dark, the sun don't set untill around nine thrity, but it's just a grey soup, and not much light, so I'm having a hard time getting good light.

Like most foundry triads, two of the colors are almost the same, with the russian green, it's the shade and main color, with this blue it's the main color and highlight, I did highlight it, but I can't see it. I was afraid the color would be to light for the prussian, which did use a very dark blue, but the end resault is just dark enough. But the color is much better then my old blu, this makes the uniforms look like they are actualy made of cloth, they don't look painted, but like they are actualy wearing clothing. The blue also some how, makes the red stand out more, givng a more crisp color to the red. Togeather with the new musket stock brown, these are starting to look very good.

All in all I think this will be a very good looking unit, when it's done.

Not sure when it will be done tho, I got to fix and upgrade my computer, have to work for my parents to get the money to upgrade my computer.


Dan said...

yes very nice.

mekelnborg said...

Take a look at the bottom one. I can't tell because the light itself makes its own highights naturally anyway as in real life, but it looks like under the forearm is lighter that above, whereas on other parts of the same man it's darker for shadow, lighter for direct light.

They look pretty good; it takes an artist eye to even see the subtleties and when you show it to a girlfriend she'll never even notice that part at all.

If someone else in town is buying perry French that you want, who is that is the question.