Friday, September 23, 2011

God Damn It

Sorry for the strong langauge in the title but this is pissing me off.

I orderd 24 Prussian Musketeers, thinking I'll paint them up and sell them for a nice profit, I wasn't planing on getting rich, just that if I sell one unit on ebay I get enough cash to buy at least 3 more units for my self for my many many projects.

All was going swimmingly untill I was almost done with the unit, then I thought to my self, I can't sell this, I like it to much. so instead of having figures to sell I now have a new project.


This was totaly not in my planes. I bought FR 7YW figures simply becasue FR are the figures I can paint the best, and 7YW is not my all time favorite period, but I can paint it. It was totaly un expected that I would "fall in love" with my own work like this. So Now if I'm gonna paint some units I'm gonna have to paint a period I really don't care for AT ALL, one that I don't want to game, I have thought about Crusades, I can paint some generic sergant at arms, There is one advantage.

1. the units are smaller I paint 12 figures as units, ofcouse that mean I have to sell 2 units to get the price up to one other.

But sevral disadvantages.

1, I have to learn how to paint chainmale, and armor.
2. I THINK the market for crusades is alot smaller then any 18th centuary or Napoleonics, meaning it will be harder to sell the figures.
3. With smaller units, the price of shipping will be bigger meaning less money for me as I plan to offer free shipping. One way of countring this is to sell 2-3 units at the same time.
3. I think most 28mm Medieval figures are now more higher in price then FR, I choose front rank becuase they are fantastic figures and as cheap as 28mm metal goes for these days.
I havn't looked around but if I rember correctly most other 28mm are now more expencive. so agian less money for me.
4, the quality is probebly not on par with FR, another reason I choose FR is that I simply do my best work on them. I do not know how this is going to be with Medieval.

But enough swearing and bitching. Over to the figures.

These are probebly one of the oldest sculpts from FR, I'm guessing this becasue they are smaller, my WSS figures bearly fit on these bases, while these have plenty of room. Also the muskets are alot simpler, and THINNER!! But they are still superb figures, quite nice to see that FR started with good figures right of the bat, probebly why they have to many fans.

These are like most FR one pose, with my WSS i managed to give some varaiaty by adding some at the ready and standing figures with my marching.

I used Foundry "austrian White" triad on the waist coat and breechers. It's not totaly white, but looks the part, I did give some of the figures a very very tiny highlght of real white, but very little, The BIG cross belt was given foundry austrian white "light" and then a highlight of propper white.

The blue is Foundry French blue triad, it's probably to light for propper prussian, but I think it looks quite good.

I just can't bring my self to sell these, I'm painting up the next 18, and then I'm goona buy some austrians.


Ubique said...

Nice paintjob, I can understand why you'd want to keep them.


Dave Gamer said...

Just sell it and buy a new one - you've already proved you can paint it up nice and you'll probably paint the 2nd one faster than the first.

Willie Anderson said...

I always end up regretting selling figures I have painted.

Keep them and enjoy them!