Sunday, September 25, 2011

Command base

So I did the command base, which was fun, since the musketeers are single pose, they all have the exact same fold in the uniform, so shading and highlighting gets tiresome, but now I had 3 new types of figures to shade and highlight, The officer was fun, tho I'm not completly satefied with the lacing on the border of the jacket. His face did turn out very well tho. The standard bares were ok, but nothing more, the drumme had some nice folds and stuff to shade and highlight so he was fun, and again I just made a fantacy drum, since I was to lazy to find the propper drum.

I've also decided that, yes I am gonna sell this unit.

Bascily I'm goona try and sell it, for a set price, If I don't sell it, I'll take that as a sign from ARONRA that I was ment to keep it.

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