Friday, September 30, 2011

The horrors of time crunch

So change in plans. Instead of the allies beeing russo-prussian they are goona be, Anglo-Portugese-Prussian, A totaly unhistoric mix, The british are Waterloo period, The prussians are 1813 period, and the portugese are ofcourse Peninsula period.

We decided to use british instead of russians, becasue of cav, I have only one prussian hussar unit, and thats it. No russian cav, but I got 2 british light dragoons, But we needed a heavy cav unit to counter the french cuirassiers. So now I'm painting heavy dragoons. And I'm painting highlanders, and I have to paint reserve infantry, finish the bases for these three units, and also the bases of generals and all the bases for my portugese.

LOTS to do, this means I have to sacrefice a goat, I mean quality for quantety.

I normaly paint either 3 cav or 6 infantry, Now I'm painting 6 cav and 12 infantry.
I don't make simplery figures, I just do it faster, leading to sloppyness.

Here's the first 6 heavy dragoons, and they are a mess.

I didn't know wjhat exactly was supose to be painted in the facing colors, so I painted random stuff in the facing colors, I tried a fast google search but they didn't say what exactly was supose to be in the facing colors. so I just looked at bad pictures and guessed. So there is a BIG possiblity that they are kinda fantasy unit.

Sloppy work, the horses got just two shades, didn't do anything special with the metal on the helmets ect. All the horses are the same color to, I usualy do atleast two diffrent colors.

Luckely the saddles are very simple stuff, no fancy saddle blankets with decorations.

And here's a badly done base of highlanders with bad kilts.

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