Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Time limit

So I'm back on the Napoleonic waggon, and for the first time, not competely by choice, I would be quite content to paint my WSS and 7YW figures for quite a while still, but I got a date with two fine gentlemen, we are puting on a small game at the local nerd store, they got tables and sutch, it's a very rag tag thing, we are just useing the figures we got. I'm suplying 7 french battalions, 1 french battery, 2 french cav units, two prussian battalions and a prussian cav unit. As well as sevral battalions of russians. But I still need to finish some ods and ends.

So this is what I HAVE to finish before sunday.

Basing for 3 russian battalions.
Basing for 3 russian guns.
baseing for a russian general and prussian generals.
Baseing for 4 french guns.
Finish a russian battalion.
This is a must, and I'm running short of my white glue I use for basing scenics.

Stuff that would be REALLY nice to finish. Russian hussar unit, prussian reserve battalion, and another russian gun.

So for the first time I acutaly got stuff to do before a deadline, another russian gun would be nice, since I think the french might get two batteries, which means they will outgun the russians, which is quite unhistoric. But 3 russian guns is more realistic then four becasue it would match a perfect russian half battery.

I got one base left of russians to do, I'm then going to start on the russian hussars, since the french are going to have quite a nice suply of cav.

Anyway I just finished another base for the russians, it took like 2 weeks to do this one base, it's been laying around for most of that time, half done, I only had musket and straps let to do.

So far the OOB looks to be.


Atleast 11 french battalions

Atleast 3 french cav units.

Atleast 1 battery of 4 guns.


4 battalions of russians

Hoefully two prussian hussars units.

Unknown number of prussians, I got two finished, and we got 1 more finished, as well as 24 jeger skirmishes, that should give the allies quite a big skrimish advantage

3 russian guns

So what I hope to add to that is 1 prussian battalion and a russian hussar unit.

The other guy is suplying the terrain, Take a look at his blog

We are going to be 3 players, useing atleast General De Brigade deluxe. Mabye we have time for Shako 2.

Hopefully some of the nerds in the place will like our game and if we are really really lucky(but highligh improbible) we might get som convert.


wargamerabbit said...

Can you write and paint at the same time...?

Better....plan some midnight/moonlight painting time. Drop a old horror picture on the TV and howl at the moon....while painting /basing. When the color blend themselves under your eyes...put down the brush and hit the sack.

Repeat process as needed.


By the way...excellent work. fun to visit your site.

Jay said...

I enjoy relaxing and viewing your hard work.