Sunday, September 11, 2011

More russians

First I want to thank people for all the comments on the last post, always nice to check out the blog and see 5 comments.

So this is sort of mix and match, I don't know why but the grenadier in coats have gone way from the foundry site, I thought I managed to find then but when I opened the package it was the standard greandiers with out the coat. So for my two units the grenadiers have decided not to cover up in the cold and fight like real men.

This is also not that corrent when it comes to company structure, with the big 4 companies, the grenadiers should be 6 strong on this unit and not 4, but they are 4 simply because of money issues.

If I wanted 6 figure grenadier base, I would have to buy 2 packs of grenadiers, but then I'm stuck with 4 I don't need, this way I get to use up all 8 on two units, becasue of the price of these I had to really squize every penny, no left over figures here, in the end I got just 1 figure short of two 24 figure battalions, but I got a left over officer that will bring the total up to 48.

If I ever get these finished, I'll have 5 Russian battalions, 2 jeger 3 musketeers, or one battalion short of half a division. I also have to finish the hussars and artillery, right now I have 3 guns ready, that can be fielded.

If I get the prussians done I'll have 4 battalions of them, pluss a hussar unit. That can give me a what if force of 9 prussiand and russian battalions, two small cav regiments and a big russian battery.

I'm expecting my local store to stock the warlord russians. I'm not sure about these, the warlord landwehr were not exacly fantastic, I hope these russians are better, it would save me a lot of money if I could fill out my russians with them. or I might have to wait for the perries.