Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review: Last Argument of Kings

So this is a supliment to the Original Black Powder, some might say, why pay 200kr for a supliment to a book that allready cost 350kr. But I'm a computer gamer, I'm used to having to pay for expantions of games/rules.

I wasn't that overwhelmed by the original BP, I allready had good rules for AWI and Napoleoincs and even ACW, I wasn't doing any colonial, and I wasn't really doing any tactical things for early to mid 18thC, I did have project for 7YW but that was for a grand tactical game using Might and Reason. BUT BP did have lots of beutifull photoes, I often just looked at the pictures.

So when I saw Argument of kings at my store I bought it for no other reason then pretty pictures.
What I got was something much more, instead of covering 200 years it covers about 80 years. It dosn't deal with machine guns or rifled artillery. Muskets, cannon and sabers is what we have to think about. The book is devided into the big wars of ther period, War of austrian succession, Great Nordern war, War of austrian succession, Wars in britian and Seven year war.

Each war gives a short intro into the background to the war, how it went, and gives background to one army of the period and a commander. Armies you get stats and info on include, russia, Sweden, Britian, France, Austria, Prussia and even ottoman. Each war also has a battle the guys at BP has set up and played. Some of which are very big and took a lot of planing.

I was mainly intrested in WSS since this is one of my new projects. But the rest of the book also get me hooked. As with the Original BP there are plenty of pictures, but this time no pictures of stuff I don't care about like colonial. The best thing I can say about the rules is that they make you want to paint figures, The only other rules I can say that about is Lasalle, what lasalle does for me in 15mm Napoleoincs, Last Argument of kings does for me in 18th Centuary. The rules gives you all you need to get into any period of the first 80 years of the 18th C.

The Unit stats looks to work great, the AAR are wonderfull, for one of the BIG battles they put on, you also get a how to manual on how to put on a BIG game with your club.

They are very nice rules, I recomend them to all that want to be inspired to paint their WSS or 7YW figures, I say buy it even if I weren't completly sold in the Original Black powder rules.

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