Monday, September 26, 2011

This is a first.

So I painted up some scotish fuslisers, later named 21st foot. As I painted them I was quite satesfied with them, but I didn't think they were quite as good as my french, almost but not quite. But then I took pictures and for the first time EVER!! my figures actualy look better on the pictures then in real life, every other time I've painted quite a good figure, the pictures never quite do them justice, but this time the pictures actualy look better then real life, not HUGELY better, I mean the real figures dont look crap, but I think some of the red in real life stand out to much, the diffrence from the shade to the main color is a little to drasitc, but in the pictures they blend really well.

So since this is a "scottish" unit I gave them a red headed scottish officer.

I bought quite a few figures, 3 24 figure battalions of british and 2 24 figure battalinos of french.

I decided to make lots of diffrent types of units. In my napoleonic projects, I keep most in marching pose, simply becasue figures that are in a fireing line looks good while in a line, but silly in a column, basicly they would point thier muskets in the back of the soldiers infront.

But since these figures almost always were in line, atleast on my small table. This lets me paint some more intresting figures, I've also noticed something, while these figures are single pose, that is the the bodies are clones, all figures pointing thier muskets have the same body, but unlike the prussian 7YW, the heads are slighlty diffrent, I notised the face was difrent, the hair was diffrent ect. It does give the units not the complete clone look.

So in my brigades, I'll have marching units, units in fireing line, I'll have two diffrent fireing lines, the one we see here, soldiers in the back, while the front rank, holds fire.

The second fireing line, is both standing and crouching figures are at the ready to fire.

I really like how this first base turned out.

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Jay said...

Nice figures. I really like the "beady eyes" on your troopers. No kidding!