Thursday, October 6, 2011

Evil Nazis and some musings.

Did a few Germans, I really like how they turned out, the pictrues did not turn out that well.
I used vallejeo german grey as the dark color and highlighted with with tank blue grey.
I worked verry well.

Well now thats done, lets muse a little. I have now sniffed on or done like a dozen periods, and the funny thing is even tho I really like some periods, I never seem to get the projects online.

I do one of two units and then I get bored, some times I can't even finish a single unit.

Some examples include AWI, ACW, 7YW, 30YW, While I want to game all these periods I just can't seem to paint much of them.

Now lets take Napoleoincs, a period I've litterly painted thousands of these, close to 2000 15mm, some 800-1000 28mm, and I've lost count of 6mm, but probebly close to 4000.

This happens time and time again, I do some other period, and with in 20 figures I want to go back to Napoleonics, this happen just today, after painting a few germans I had a WSS british unit that is almost done, but can't bring my self to paint any more, I just want to paint some British line infantry.

We are also going to have a new Napoleoinc game the 30th. Me and Briefspite are again suplying most of the figures, some of the others might get done with a unit or might buy finished figures, but it's uncertain if any of those figures will show them self on the table.

Briefspite will work on prussians and french cav, I'll work on british.

I hope by the 30th to have two more british battalions, both 30 figures strong, I hope to have lots of skirmishes, since we had a big hole in our skirmish screen, I hope to paint both british and french skirmishes.

And finnaly another heavy dragoon unit.

I have run into a problem, all my figures are based on small table size, so most of my figures are 24 strong or 12 strong for cav, now 12 strong cav is bearly above one and a half quadrons, Briefspite wants his cav units to be 20+, so if my cav is going to put up a fight against the french, I need to ad atleast two bases to my cav units, I'm going to add 3 bases to my heavy dragoons to bring them up to 21 strong and then I'm going to add 2 more to my so far unpainted "the blues" to get them up to 18.

And as I said my two upcomming british battalions will be 30 figures, thats 600 soldiers.

Another problem is how to get my figures to the game, the stuff I used last time was wholey indaicvat. Infact I don't want to bring my figures to another game untill I got a propper way of transporting them.


Jay said...

The troops look just fine in the pictures. Keep'em coming.

Lentulus said...

Lovely troops. I understand the frustration of "wargamers A.D.D." -- it sometimes feels like my interests are on some sort of Rota Fortuna and I just have to hope one stays on top long enough to be completed -- or at least brought to a game-able state.