Saturday, October 8, 2011

I love it when a plan comes together

So I have found I can be a really good painter if everything comes together, I got the right colors, right figures, right brush ect. Now a gifted painter can make any figure look fantastic, thats not me, I need some help, I've seen people do wonders with Old Glory 15s, I wouldn't be able to make them look good even if I spent 20 hours on a single figure. In 15mm I need AB or CGM, I hope the new blue moon napoleonics will be up there and let me do good work.

So these figures were the resault when everything comes together. I destroyed my favorite brush, it had lasted a year, over the past months it has lost hairs, but it just made it better at fine detail, however, today it lost to many hairs and became useless. I don't take care of my brushes so they only last so so long. But this one had stayed with me for a year.

I had to go down to the nerd store and get some new brushes, I also needed a bigger brush to aply lots of paint, when I do the first cover before I highlight ect. they didn't have the exact fine brush I wanted but I got one that was ok.

Started work on these rifles last night, the shade is russian green, the main color is apple green shade, with apple green as highlight. It worked really well, there isn't much left of the shade, there were very few deep folds, so only on some rinkles in the back is the shade still visble.
I liked how these look, Good clean look, nice green color. I have found that when I get the right color mix, I can do prety good work like these. They were supose to be 8, but the last one fell down from my desk and hasn't been seen since. were it has gone I do not know, but I think I might have a micro black hole under my desk that eats minaitures, becasue this isn't the first or last figure to go missing after falling of my desk.

These are Perry plastic rifles and I just love them, they come in four stadard variations, standing up with rifle at side, standing up with rifle in both hands, half crouched with rifle at side and half crouched with rifle and both hands. Thats like the four variations, but by doing very small variations, the arms with rifle in both arms, can be glued in many many diffrent angles, basicly letting to make dozens of variations, very small variations but you well notice them. So of these 7 rifles, I don't think any are in the exact same pose.

But this was just the apatiser. I did even better work on my redcoats, I'm particularly proud of the trousers. I think I found just the PERFECT colors to mix, in fact I was so happy with it, I didn't bother to add a third highlight, they just looked so natural and nice as is, and I don't see a point of using EVERYSINGLE color you got just to say, "oh yeah I used 7 diffrent greys on these trouser" It's about the resault not the number of colors you actualy use.

I've decided to paint these as KGL, it's a nice cop out, you get to paint "british" with out them actualy beeing british. I think I'll have 3 battalions in this KGL brigade, later I'll make an Havoverin brigade to, so my "British" Will only actualy have 4 british battalions(two of which is scottish) Then 3 KGL and 5 Hanvorain, I'm giving the hanoverian 5, becasue they are going to be mostly militia second class. So I got the hardcore British, the equally good KGL and the less good Hanoverians. So thats actualy 12 battalions, a nice semi large division, With 1 9pdr battery

It will have a Cav divsion in suport, a small Heavy brigade, some 700-800 heavies. A bigger light, with some 1500 light dragoons and hussars. This will give my Two divisions just under 9000, not quite a corps, or a very small corps, I know some french corps were just around 10 000.

So since I'm braging so much about these, lets take a look.

I love the trousers on these(yes I said it again) There is just something nice about the red and grey, they ofcourse got their blue facings since they are KGL Again these are perry, at first I was like "WTF, only firing figures" but they are lovley figures, lost of action in the poses. nice detail, they just look so good painted up. I've decided to do these in a old style platoon fireing thing, one base loading another fireing. If that dosn't look good, I'll switch the bases with another unit, and make one battalion just fireing another just loading.

And incase you are wondering, yes there are two layers to the trousers, it's a very delicate diffrence between the shade and main color. But I do think you would notice if I just did one coat.

The one problem I had was painting the lace on the jackets, the muskets beeing in the way.


Monty said...

Excellent! The great color combinations and little details like white trim on the sleeves & blue canteen cover make your figures shine. Makes me want to paint outside of ancients and medieval.

Willie Anderson said...

Great work, just getting into Napoleonics again myself so very inspiring!

mekelnborg said...

After so much practice you are bound to be doing better than earlier, as long as you keep the patience going.

It would be a good idea to find what is under that desk, while it is still fresh in mind.

That is how I built the SYW Prussian unit up, finally painting figs that were laying all over in out of the way places for years.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks for the comments, yes it would suck if I never got better.